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Book On the Trail of the Plains-wanderer (Hardcover)

Book On the Trail of the Plains-wanderer (Hardcover)

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The Plains-wanderer is unlike any other bird on Earth - it's one of a kind!

On the Trail of the Plains-wanderer tells the true story of one of Australia's most critically endangered bird species. This unique, quirky and precious bird faces many threats, but continues to survive against the odds. Discover more about this fascinating bird and see how people are providing hope for their future.

Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 5 to 9.


  • Introduces kids to the life of the Plains-wanderer - an ancient bird species that is unique as it is the sole member of its family.
  • Because of its evolutionary uniqueness and risk of extinction, researchers have ranked the Plains-wanderer as Australia's most important bird and the fourth most important bird species in the world.
  • The Plains-wanderer has been nicknamed the Goldilocks bird, as they are quite particular about their habitat.
  • The book shares a message of hope, highlighting how farmers are working with researchers to make their properties just right.
  • Explores how Zoos are helping save the Plains-wanderer with captive breeding programs and creative thinking.


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