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Plush Gang Gang Cockatoo

Plush Gang Gang Cockatoo

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This beautiful plush replica of the gang gang cockatoo is lovingly handcrafted, with a unique airbrushed finish to create an ultra realistic look.

Filled with 100% recycled PET bottles, this helps to protect our environment from discarded plastic waste.

Did you know?

The Gang-gang Cockatoo can be seen throughout many parts of south-eastern Australia. In the summer months, they are mostly found at higher elevations, where they breed in tree hollows in the moist eucalyptus forests of the mountainous Great Divide. After the breeding season has finished, and the days grow cooler and shorter, they undertake altitudinal movements, leaving the mountains and flying to lower elevations to spend the autumn and winter, where they often inhabit suburban gardens of lowland towns and cities.

Size 43cm

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